Green Bond Framework

Bank of Ireland Green Bond Framework

At Bank of Ireland our ambition is to be the National Champion Bank in Ireland and our purpose is to “enable our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive”. In this context, we recognise the responsibility that we have and the important role that we can play in addressing one of the big issues of our time – climate change.

Ensuring global warming stays below 2°C will require a huge effort across all sectors of the economy and society. Transformational change will be required across housing, transport, energy etc. This will present both risks and opportunities for our customers and our own business. We want to support and enable our customers in their transition to a low carbon economy by ensuring finance is mobilised to support sustainable solutions.

Behaving in a responsible and sustainable way is fundamental to achieving our purpose. We are committed to addressing the key challenges facing society today and became a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Banking in 2019. These principles help align the banking sector with the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Our commitment to supporting a transition to a low carbon, climate resilient economy will require investment and capital. For this reason, Bank of Ireland has decided to launch a Green Bond Framework and issue green bonds the proceeds of which will be used to finance or refinance projects and assets that mitigate climate change by reducing carbon emissions and protecting our environment; activities are that key components of our Responsible and Sustainable Business agenda.

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